Quick question. How much would you charge to trim this bush?

Five bucks, 10 bucks, 50 bucks?

I don’t know, it’s not very big.

What determines the cost to trim a bush?

What’s the industry standard?

Who decides what that number is?

Confusing business but I’ll tell you everything I know.

Generally if you want your shrubs trimmed, which, by the way, is a great thing to do. It preserves your investment. Bushes aren’t cheap. Box wood like that or a bigger box wood, a mature boxwood, probably 60 bucks from the nursery just for the plant. If you trim your shrubs you’re maintaining your investment, you’re preserving it, you’re making stuff look good, keeping the house looking tight like you run a tight ship.

Everything’s pristine and premiere when you get home after a long day of work. Looks good. You should be trimming your shrubs. But, if you wanna hire it out there’s a few things you should know.

Here’s the first thing.

There’s generally two ways that people bill for trimming shrubs.

The first one is they give you an estimate.

They load up in their truck, drive over to your house, they look around, they say, “You know, I’ve been “trimming shrubs for 15 years. “I can trim all the shrubs “on this property in two hours.” Because really, when you boil it down, you’re paying for time. You’re paying for someone to be at your property working. So, it all turns out to be an hourly deal. So, this guy says, “I’ve been trimming shrubs “for two hours.” But, if he’s an experienced business man in the back of his mind he realizes it would behoove him to cushion that a little bit in case he’s wrong. ‘Cause if he’s wrong enough times he’ll go out of business ’cause he’s bad at guessing or estimating, guesstimating. So, he guesstimates it’ll take two and a half hours and I charge 50 bucks and hour, so 50 times two and a half is $125 and you pay 125 bucks to have your shrubs trimmed.

It’s a good way to do it.

That’s how we used to do it. That’s option number one.

Here’s option number two: You pay by the hour.

This is the kind of deal you get a lot of times if you hire an electrician or a plumber or somebody to trim your shrubs. They bill by the hour. They say, “Our hourly rate is $50. “We’ll come out to your property tomorrow. “We’ll trim all the shrubs. “You will pay for exactly what you get. “No more, no less and we’ll get paid for “exactly what we do and if we can go quicker “and get more in a day, then “we will bill more hours out.”

The guy doesn’t have to get into his truck, he doesn’t have to drive to your property, he doesn’t have to write up a quote and give you guesstimate. He just takes a look around. He doesn’t even do that. He just says, “Yes, we’ll trim the shrubs. “Our average shrub job is three hours. “Here’s our hourly rate, you’re on the board.”

That’s how we do it.

The thing that drives the cost with this is labor. How much does it cost you to hire somebody to trim shrubs? How much do you need to make yourself per hour? Another thing is overhead. How much did this uniform cost? How much does my insurance cost? How much should the fuel in the truck cost to put in there to drive me to the house?

How much does workers comp cost?

In 2018 we spent over $15,000 on workers comp costs.

Why did we do that? So that, if somebody gets hurt on your property, we can pay their medical bills. It’s simple. But, how does that get paid for? It’s in our hourly rate. It’s wrapped up into our cost of doing business and providing a service.

A lot of it is dictated by industry.

What’s that guy paying his guys? because if I just wanna hire people for $14 an hour and he pays $16 then I’m not gonna have any guys to trim any shrubs and people are gonna be trimming their own shrubs because there’ll be no companies left. So, that drives the price. The cost of the hedge trimmer, the cost of oil, the cost to store the stuff, the cost to park the truck back at the shop at the end of the night, the cost to pay the people that answer the phone when you wanted a shrub trimming estimate, so that, you could get your shrubs trimmed in the first place, all cost money. And that all wraps down into an hourly rate.

Our hourly rate for trimming shrubs is $59.97.

We’ll come out, we’ll trim all the shrubs quick, we’ll rake up all the clipping, dispose of em for ya and we will be out the door.

This shrub would probably cost about 10 cents to trim to answer the initial question.

Hope you’re having a good day.

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