Hello, my name is Chester. I’m the founder of Big Lakes Lawncare and today I want to tell you a few quick things about your gutters.

Now, gutter cleaning is a part of home maintenance that often goes overlooked and gets neglected. It’s really easy to forget. We know things get busy, you have a busy life and your gutters may get forgotten. That’s a really bad thing though because we know your home and your roof are an investment and if your gutters go uncleaned, that could result in damage to your gutter system, to your roof, your eaves, and it could also cause damage to your foundation if water is not draining properly away from the home.

Now, this can all be avoided with a simple cleaning of the gutters. We recommend you do it at least once a year, preferably twice a year.

Now if you’d like, we can do this work for you. We’ll send out a team of guys who are trained to safely and effectively clean your gutters. We’ll haul away all the debris and make it disappear for you and we can also schedule this work so that it occurs once or twice a year without you even having to call. So you don’t even have to remember about it anymore. It’s very cheap, very affordable, and we can schedule it so that your gutters are getting cleaned regularly by us and we’re protecting your home, your roof and your investment. So give us a call today. Thank You.

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