Hello it’s Chester with Big Lakes Lawncare. I recently got the question why do you background check your employees. Which I think is sort of strange question and the answer is obvious but it may not be obvious so i’m gonna make a little video about it.

We background check our employees because we are a service company. We are coming into people’s yards, we’re going around their pets, we’re going around their kids, we’re going around their cars, we’re going around that new Mercedes in the driveway or Jeep or whatever it is your garage door, your siding, your windows.

We’re going around the house, and we want to insure for our own peace of mind as well as yours that we’re sending qualified individuals to the property. We don’t just hire a guy wham bam and put them in a truck tell him go do work. We background check them, we vet them, we interview them, we see what they can do.

I think it’s our obligation to ourselves and to our clients that we do a background check on people. You never know, we hire friendly guys we hire guys that we like and we want to take care of them and their families too.

You never know. So we background check everyone, simple as that. Hope that helps.

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