Hello everyone, it’s Chester with Big Lakes Lawncare. Today I’m going to go over the end of the season mowing schedule and the fall cleanup options that we have available for you.

It’s 2018- this video is going to be very similar to the one you saw in 2017, but we’ve made a few subtle changes.

In years past we always used to stop cutting grass on Halloween. October 31st was the end of the mowing season for us and we were all done.

However, we had some clients call and reach out and they were frustrated because their grass was still growing and they wanted us to keep cutting. A lot of people don’t realize this, but your grass is actually in a growth phase through September, October, and oftentimes November in Michigan, and that’s because it feels winter coming and it’s trying to prepare for dormancy by strengthening its root base and growing.

So the grass is going to be growing like crazy. We’re going to cut up to October 31st, and then we’re also going to cut the first week in November and the second week in November.
By November 15th we will be all done cutting grass.
You don’t need to call or shut things down, we’ll handle it all on our end, and we’ll resume in the spring.
However, if your lawn is going dormant early or it’s not growing you can always call in a skip.

We’re no contract, we’re easy to deal with, and we always answer the phone.
So give us a call and just let us know you want your lawn skipped that week, and we will gladly skip it for you.

Also keep in mind our services carry on year to year so next spring in April or May when the grass starts growing again we’ve already got you on the schedule.

We’ll reach out. You don’t need to do anything on your end, and we’ll keep an eye on things and start cutting when the time is right.

If you have leaves on your lawn and we are there for a normal mowing visit, we’re going to mulch and chop the leaves with the mower.

We may cut in two directions and mince the leaves up further. This makes the leaves easier to clean up, and it also acts as a natural fertilizer. So if you don’t have really heavy leaf cover on your property, the leaves can be chopped up and they can stay down and decompose through the winter. That actually decomposes into the soil, acting as a natural compost or fertilizer for your lawn.

However, we do offer full fall cleanup services. Now is the perfect time to secure your property on our fall cleanup schedule! We’ll come through, we’ll get every leaf off of your property, cleaned up and out of there, cut back your perennials, and even trim your shrubs if you’d like.

Just call the office and you can get on our fall cleanup schedule.

A few other things you might want to keep in mind when your grass is going into dormancy are: You want to aerate your lawn. You want to blow out your sprinkler system if you have one, you of course want to get that fall cleanup on your schedule. You want to trim your shrubs one final time to close them up and prepare them for dormancy. Lots of shrubs go dormant in the winter and now is the best time to trim them. And you also may want to think about a milorganite application. Milorganite is an organic fertilizer. It’s fantastic for the lawn, it’s slow release. And you can actually buy it and put it down yourself. They sell it at Menard’s, or if you want us to do it give us a call and we will apply it.

We can provide any and all of these services- just call the office to schedule! If you have any questions feel free to give us a call.


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